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36V, 4A Synchronous Step-Down Regulator Now Offered in
High Temperature “H” Grade & High Reliability “MP” Grade

MILPITAS, CA – October 12, 2011 – Linear Technology announces the high temperature (H-grade) and High Reliability (MP-grade) versions of the LT3690. This 36V input capable, synchronous step-down switching regulator can deliver up to 4A of continuous output current at efficiencies as high as 93%. The LT3690 operates within a VIN range of 3.9V to 36V, and offers transient protection to 60V, making it well suited for load dump and cold-crank conditions found in automotive applications. The LT3690's Burst Mode® operation requires only 70µA of quiescent current, ideal for applications such as automotive or telecom systems, which demand always-on operation and optimum battery life. Switching frequency is user-programmable from 170kHz to 1.5MHz, enabling the designer to optimize efficiency while avoiding critical noise-sensitive frequency bands. The combination of its 4mm x 6mm
QFN-26 package and high switching frequency keeps external inductors and capacitors small, providing a compact, thermally efficient footprint.

The H-grade version operates from -40°C to a junction temperature of 150°C, and is guaranteed and tested throughout this temperature range. Similarly, the MP-grade version operates from -55°C to a junction temperature of 150°C, and is guaranteed and tested throughout this temperature range. Electrical specifications for the H-grade and the MP-grade are identical to the E and I grades. They are ideal for automotive, industrial and military applications, which are subject to high ambient temperatures.

Both the LT3690HUFE and the LT3690MPUFE are available in 26-lead 4mm x 6mm QFN packages. Pricing starts at $5.70 and $14.70 each, respectively, for 1,000-piece quantities and are available from stock. For more information, visit

Summary of Features:

  • High Temperature & Reliability
    Versions of 36V, 4A Synchronous Monolithic Step-Down Regulators
  • Wide Input Range: Operation from
    3.9V to 36V, Overvoltage Lockout
    Protects Circuits Through 60V Transients
  • 4A Continuous Maximum Output Current
  • Integrated 30mOhm N-Channel Synchronous Switch
  • 70µA IQ at 12VIN to 3.3VOUT
  • Low Ripple Burst Mode® Operation Allows Output Ripple <15mVP-P
  • Programmable Input Undervoltage Lockout
  • 0.8V Feedback Reference Voltage
  • Output Voltage 0.8V to 20V
  • Programmable & Synchronizable Oscillator (170kHz to 1.5MHz)
  • Soft-Start-up & Output Voltage Tracking
  • Short-Circuit Robust
  • Power Good Flag
  • Small Thermally Enhanced
    4mm x 6mm QFN Package
  • -55°C to 150°C Temperature
    Range-MP Grade
  • -40°C to 150°C Temperature
    Range-H Grade

36V, 4A (IOUT), Synchronous
Step-Down Switching Regulator


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